Returns Managment - Ethletic-Sneaker

Returns Management

Dear Customers,

Returns are for you and for us an unpleasant thing - in addition, they damage the environment.

So let's talk about returns:

For your country, unfortunately we do not have a return label. You must return the package by yourself. Please consider, however, that each return means a great effort for our small team.

In our shipping department are not hundreds of people working . Rather, it is one or two.
(For more, please read our blog) After the arrival of your package, we need to determine by whom the return comes first -if you invoice or delivery attaches, that's a great help. Next, the goods must be unpacked.  Now their condition is controlled. If the shoes are unworn and perfectly, only then they can be re-packaged - including a new shoe box must be used almost always - and get back into the cycle.
- Then someone has to pack the goods back into the right storage shelf.
- Then someone must populating the goods again in our system for sale.
- Then someone has to make the referral back to you.
- And in the end we have to pay the transport company, the return label.
As absurd it sounds: The entire process (including packaging material, cost and depreciation of the "useless" goods) costs more than the production of the product that you have ordered from us.
Therefore, we would ask you, both in the selection of your shopping cart as well as the return of individual items as carefully as possible to act. You act so that sustainable and responsible towards the Ethletic project and all the associated people at home and abroad. Vera Tung consciously also to the environment, which will be charged with any additional transport.
Thank you from my heart for your understanding and cooperation.
Your Ethletic team